Raising Awareness

As an advocate some of the goals are to inspire people to spread the word, educate other, as well as take action.  This may seem like a daunting task, but technology has provided some very helpful tools that can be instrumental in raising awareness.

Social media is a fabulous resource that enables millions from all over the globe to connect and share with one another. Sites such as Facebook give people the opportunity to “like” and share stories, while Twitter allows people to share their message and other information by tweeting and re-tweeting.

Blogging:  Sites like Blogger and WordPress offer easy to use platforms that allow you to create a blog for free.  By blogging,  you can be a voice to raise awareness about a cause, help with fundraising or spread the word about a campaign.

Facebook/Twitter: Almost everyone these days has a Facebook and or  Twitter account.  These two tools alone can allow you to reach multitudes with your message. You can build your social network by connecting with groups and pages within your community. Look for organizations and people who share your beliefs and inspire you.  You can also grow your network by connecting with those you meet face to face by sending a friend request.  It is important to take time and really cultivate relationships within your community by encouraging your followers  and responding when they request assistance of information.  The platform in which you use will depend upon you.  There are so many options out there, you just need to find the one you like the most and use it.

YouTube: Videos do not only provide opportunities to educate, they also give on the opportunity to connect with users through emotion.  YouTube can be a very effective tool to do just that.  Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube’s platform focuses on sharing video content making it a very powerful tool allowing users to distribute content not only on YouTube, but on other sites through the embedded video feature.  YouTube even offers a program for non-profits.

Here are ten tips that will help you be effective in using social media to raise awareness:

Use pictures and videos (these often evoke emotion and emotion evokes action).

Remember that building an online community takes time and effort.

Be sure to celebrate milestones and progress.

Do not be afraid to ask people to share.

Show support for other organizations (we are all in this together).

Be sure to use words that request action like – watch, click, share etc.

Be sure to keep it fun!


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