Laurie Sterner

I was born on Feb. 18th, 1962 in San Francisco, CA.  My Father was a SFPD Officer and my Mother was, as they called it in those days, a Housewife!  Right after my 1st Birthday, my parents moved my 3 older brother’s and myself to San Rafael, CA., to a home my Father built for us.  My father still lives in the same house today.

From as far back as I can remember, my greatest joys in my younger life were taking pictures with my 110 Instamatic Camera, always creating some kind of craft or art project and always doing or making something to make someone else happy.  From the time I was a very little girl, I guess I’ve always been a very sentimental and compassionate person.

My first experience with charity began before I even started Kindergarten, when I used to help my Mom down at The Sunny Hills Bargain Box sorting clothes. My first “official” fundraiser I participated in was in 1975 when I walked 20 miles for Cerebral Palsy. Through all my 50 years, now married for almost 30 of them, with 4 children and a granddaughter, and living in Sonoma, CA I’ve always been involved in something…some kind of event, or organization that was there to help someone else. In my later life, I realized that so many people wait for some terrible thing to happen to them before they get involved…I guess I was never one of those people. I’ve always felt that if you can do something for someone in need, you need to do it.

My Husband Michael & I have owned 2 businesses.  The most current one was a Cabinet/Millwork shop that we owned and operated for 23 years.  Sadly, we lost the business and everything related to it, due to the Banking crisis in 2010.    I also owned a Scrapbook Store for 4 years. I have always enjoyed my passion for Art and though I am still a little hesitant to call myself an Artist, I guess I really am.  My absolute loves are Photography, Paper Art & Calligraphy.  I find I’m happiest and more at peace when I’m in an Art Store or Stationary Store!  My other passions are event planning, catering, cooking and baking.  I am currently the owner of ljsPhotography following my life long passion of Family/Lifestyle Portraiture.

Why EB involvement?

I met a very young boy, named Cody about 23 years ago who had this terrible skin disease. Didn’t know what it was, but he was just the cutest little thing with this very sad disease.  Many years passed and one day, there was anPCC118-6BW-2027146443-O article in a local Sonoma paper that ran a story on Cody and his life with Epidermolysis Bullosa, also known as EB.  There was the word…a name for this terrible skin disease.  After several years of research, I came to meet so many families who themselves had EB or had a child with it.   My heart was touched beyond words…something to this day, I cannot fully explain.  Maybe it’s the unspeakable pain and suffering that EB causes, or maybe it’s the smile on these children’s faces through it all…I really don’t know.  I met someone recently who said to me “ I did not choose EB, EB chose me”…though I didn’t know this person well at the time, those words He spoke, were taken directly from my heart~

I’ve been involved in many organizations and donated to more than I can remember. Everyday, we as people have struggles and hardships. But everyday, I think about another family, who is living a life with TRUE struggles…the kind of struggles most of us cannot even begin to imagine.  I cannot fathom the sight of seeing my child in pain, fighting for his or her own precious life and experience the unspeakable pain of losing my child to some horrific disease or catastrophic event. THIS is the reason for The Butterfly Fund.

PCC155-4-2027231059-OIt’s for all the families who live this reality and to get all the other families involved because it’s the right thing to do~

I may be the founder of the Butterfly Fund, but I feel more like the “messenger” of it.

To put it simply, I cannot do this alone and I never started The Butterfly Fund to prove anything to myself.  Only with your help, can we make a difference in the lives of children, who are at the moment, fragile, as butterflies and I know, with all that I am and all that I believe in, we can and will do this~


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