Sergio Gorjon on his son Luataro

photo (7)Lautaro came into our lives on 10/10/2011. I witnessed childbirth, when I saw him be born was one of the most beautiful of my life… At that very moment and thank God our doctor noticed something strange in Lauty. He had a blister in almost all the head and one in his tongue and one finger.  The Doc gave a very gentle washing instructions and not put you clothes and soon all the doctors were on top.  He was very healthy, large, a completely normal baby.  For us what was happening was as if he has an allergy. Until the next photo (10)day they gave us the news that Lautaro had EB.  EB? I had never heard or seen anything about this disease.  God that was a difficult time.  Not what I could believe, I couldn’t understand that there is a disease so and that it is just my first son.I cost and costs me a lot understand, to see, to believe EB but is that for something my little angel was born with this disease… Each day is more strong and it is amazing to see him fight, bear is my hero my role model…He already has a year of life and by many more ahead…Lautaro as Ian, Charlie, Jax and all our babies are people most incredible in the world.

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